Hidden Lake Estates
P r o p  e r  t y   O w n e r s   A s s o c i a t i o n

Hawley, Pennsylvania
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Hidden Lake Estates Property Owners Association


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Archiitectural Control Committee (ACC) is to control all development and improvements made to the
development in order to maintain the integrity, architectural style and minimum standards of operating
of the development as a whole.

SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS – Amounts levied upon each owner in the event the Common Expense
Assessment are inadequate to meet the Common Expense.

COMMON AREAS – Internal roads, recreational and community facilities, parks, and any and all other
property included within the subdivision which is not a part of any Lot.

1.25 RESIDENTIAL DWELLING UNIT – Any improvement placed upon a lot by an owner intended for
use as a single-family residential dwelling.

2.2 USE OF LOTS – Unless otherwise provided in this declaration, lots shall be used only for single
household residential purposes.

2.5 Only electric motors shall be used on the lake.


3.1 (A) No building or other improvement of any character shall be erected or placed on an original
construction including the exterior color, walls, roof, walk, driveway, door , window, glass, porch, porch
railing, patio, patio fence and any other exterior surface or any surface visible to the exterior unless and
until written approval of the construction plans and spec have been obtained from the ACC.   This also
covers appeals.

3.1 (b)   Maintenance of lots

3.1 (c) Owner can’t hang signs, flags, banners, pennants, flashing lights, wires, television or radio
antennas, clothes or any other unsightly object beyond the interior walls.  No noise, smoke, odor, soot
or vibrations.

3.1 (d) No signs or device unless specifically approved by the association

3.1 (F) Pets limited to dogs and cats and must be on leashes while outside the owners lot.

3.1 (g) No non-operating vehicle. Recreational vehicles, trailers, or boat trailers shall be parked in
driveways and parking lots only.  No commercial repair work on automobiles or mechanical vehicles, or
any other like work, shall be performed by or on any lot or common area.

3.1 (H) No trade, solicitation, business, service or profession of any kind or nature whatsoever shall at
any time be conducted on the subdivision nor shall any lot or unit be used for such purposes.

3.1 (I)   Activity or storage on lot which would increase the rate of insurance.
3.1 (J)   Maintenance of lot.
3.1 (K)  No fences, hedges or walls without prior written approval
3.1 (L)   No noxious or offensive activities or nuisances on any lot.
3.1 (M)  No open fires
3.1 (N)   No outside fireplaces, refrigerators or tree houses.
3.1 (O)  No trees over 6” dia. may be removed without approval.
3.1 (P)  No drilling, refining, quarrying or mining
3.1 (Q)  No mini-bike and snowmobiles
3.1 (S)  No excessive use of intoxicating beverages.
3.1 (T)  No hunting
3.1 (U)  No further sub-division
3.1 (V)  Burglar Alarms
3.1 (W) Motorbikes
3.1 (X)  Owners shall contract for garbage disposal
3.1 (Y)  No trailer, mobile hone, tent, barn, outbuilding, shack or temp bldg shall be erected on any lot.  
No basement or garage shall at any time be used as a residence.
3.1 (Z)   No lot to be used for illegal activity
3.1 (aa)  Only one real estate sign and one for sale sign per property shall be allowed.  Any builders
sign must be removed after building is completed.
3.1 (ab) Maintain Culverts and installed pipes under driveways.

IV Architectural Control Committee

4.1 Creation
4.2 Membership  - 3 members
4.3  DOD appoint and approve members
4.4  Resignation
4.5 Duties
4.6 Meetings
4.7 Rules
4.8 Plan Approval
4.9 Liability of Members
4.10 Vacancy – Board member may approve if members are not available
4.11 Remedy
4.12 Application of Condo Units
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